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I am Filipina 🇵🇭 interdisciplinary researcher who focuses on food security and climate change. Currently I am a postdoctoral researcher at Instituto de Ecología y Biodiversidad (Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity) based in Chile. I am working on “Mapping the Interactions between Nature, Health, and Development amidst environmental crises and the COVID-19 pandemic (MINHD)” funded by Centro Basal IEB ANID / BASAL FB210006 y a través del Instituto de Ecología y Biodiversidad (IEB) con aportes de contraparte de Fundación Anglo American.

I am also an honorary Senior Research Fellow at the Manila Observatory and a fellow at Parabukas, an environmental law and policy consultancy in the Philippines.


I worked with the UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources as a NERC-funded post-doctoral fellow on the BIOTA project, where I contributed to research on the interconnections between agriculture, biodiversity, climate change and international trade. I co-authored three peer-reviewed publications and a major report on Net Zero in agriculture for HSBC.

I worked on the assessment of the projected impacts of climate change on wheat production with a multi-method approach at the University of Sheffield Department of Geography for my PhD. I was funded by the Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment as the flagship PhD Cohort of the Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures.

Prior to my PhD, I worked in the Philippines at the Ateneo de Manila University School of Government, Department of Biology, and the Manila Observatory, where I taught and conducted research on risk and resilience to natural hazards such as tropical cyclones. I conducted training on disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation (DRR-CCA) extensively across the Philippines in partnership with Local Government Units and Civil Society Organizations.

In 2012 I finished my dual-MSc degree in Environmental Science (ENVEURO) from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU) and the University of Copenhagen, where my Masters research was on the impacts of climate change on banana production. My Bachelor of Science degree was completed at the University of Oregon (BSc Biology, minor in Comparative Literature and Chemistry). I have worked as a naturalist intern with the Audubon Society (Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm, OH) in the United States.

I care deeply about environmental education, and I have extensive teaching and training experience across many educational levels (Masters, undergraduate, professional, and for children and adults). I am recognised as an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Key interests and skills

food security, climate change, biodiversity, climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction, and policy. Technical skills in climate/ crop/ biodiversity modelling, data processing, coding, and analysis (R, UNIX/HPC, LaTeX, html) and across various software (GIS, Office, Adobe, VenSim, DSSAT).

Let's collaborate

Apart from my research, I am an experienced public speaker. I am available for engagements on topics related to sustainability, climate change, and food security. If there is overlap in our interests and potential for remote collaboration, please get in touch for any queries!

Recent Publications & News Articles

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Manuscripts under review

  1. Submitted manuscript on tropical cyclones, biodiversity, agriculture, and health.

Recent invited presentations

  • Project SMILE/ Hapag Kapwa: "The global socio-ecological crises and its impacts on Filipino food security.", Sept. 2022. Watch presentation
  • WWF-Philippines Education is Adaptation series for students, Careers in Environmental Science, 2022
  • ACT Alliance: Regional Best Practice Meeting on Climate Resilience, 2022
  • University of the Philippines - Visayas Learning Series: "Climate and Disaster Resilience : Coastal and Marine Contexts". Session on climate Change and its impacts, 2022
  • Philippine Center for Population and Development and Parabukas panel, 2022
    Food Security and Climate change impacts; Watch presentation
  • International Conference on Biodiversity and 10th Anniversary of the Center for Biodiversity Research and Extension in Mindanao, 2021
    Keynote speech: Watch video
  • Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP): 8th Population, Health and Environment Conference, 2021
    "The wicked problems of COVID-19, climate change, and biodiversity loss: revealing complex connections and developing solutions"
    Watch presentation, from 1:50h. Download presentation (pdf)
  • Partnerships for Sustainability Education, 2021
    Watch presentation
  • American Geophysical Union General Assembly, 2021
    "On the interconnections between agriculture, biodiversity, and international trade"
  • John Dewey School for Children (Quezon City) webinar, 2020
    "On COVID-19 and the environment"
  • UP IILS/ Parabukas webinar, 2020
    "On COVID-19 and the environment, policy"
  • The multiple interactions of banana production, biodiversity, trade and climate in the Philippines.
    Recorded presentation and materials available here.
    EGU General Assembly, May 2020
  • "How do our food choices affect the environment?"
    March 4, 2020, UCL Conservation Society mini-conference
  • "A comparative analysis of the methods used for assessing the impacts of climate change on agriculture"
    April 25, 2019, UCL Geography Lunchtime seminar
  • "Modelling the interactions between global biodiversity and agricultural land-use"
    April 10, 2019, EGU General Assembly 2019, Vienna, Austria
  • "Working in an international environment"
    April 9, 2019, BOKU, Vienna, Austria
  • "Biodiversity interactions and trade-offs with agriculture"
    January 31, 2019, UCL Environment Domain launch event
  • "Tips on finding a UK postdoc"
    January 22, 2019, 10:00 am, RJRR, Geography Dept, University of Sheffield

Completed awards and grants

UCL Environment Domain funding: support scheme for workshop on biodiversity, development and agriculture (2020) with Dr Abbie Chapman and Dr Tim Newbold

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